Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is Sandy. A beach fairy nestled in a mermaid crown. The mermaid crown is made from the abundant wild grapevine that grows along the coast. This little fairy is very happy because legend has it that if you should happen to find a mermaid crown, which is very rare, you will receive the gift of enchantment and and an eternal youthful spirit. This little mermaid is fully sculpted using paperclay. She sat around in the studio for a long time. I had painted her, but was not happy with the results, so I decided to make a sand sculpture and that did not work either. Again, I put her to the side and a few more years went by. Then one day I thought -If I could just get all the sand off her, so I took a heat gun to her in hopes that it would help me remove the glue. It was not easy, but it looked kinda cool, a little paint coming off with the sand. It worked for me so then the embellishment started and here she is.