Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fairy Shoes

One day I was searching the web and ran across a pair of fairy shoes and I just had to make a pair. This is the first pair but it will definitely not be the last. they are two and half inches long. I still would like them to be a little bit smaller. It was just so much fun! I have been sculpting for three weeks. Stopping only to eat and sleep. I have managed to keep up with my New Years resolution of being in the studio by 6:00 am. I am hoping all this hard work will pay off with some new and improved skills. I have pulled out every sculpting book I have and am trying new things.
My tip if the week: After smoothing with the hand sanitizer and before the clay goes in the oven I use cornstarch to smooth the clay a little more.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Tip of the week

During a week you learn so many new things and so I thought it would be really good to put it in a post on Fridays. I will call it Tip of the week. So here goes the coolest thing I learned this week (by accident). Hand sanitizing lotion is great for smoothing polymer clay. I use a variety of clays and so I tested them all. It worked! I used a fabric brush to apply and smooth. When baking the clay I do multi baking's and so I cover my pieces previously baked with a barely damp paper towel.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sculpting faces

This is my two weeks worth of work. I have been sculpting faces and making a few beads while waiting for the dolls to bake. I get so frustrated with how much time things take. I have been trying to come up with pieces that do not take up so much time for selling purposes, but before I know it these simple little pieces end up taking close to a week to make. I guess things just have to cost what they will. The great thing about art dolls whatever the style, they are one of a kind. I see so many doll artist selling dolls way below value. I see dolls in Walmart( a doll) that cost more than some of the Art Dolls being sold. I just don't get it! Maybe it is that age old problem of the artist devaluing their work. I was looking through all of my old Art Doll Quarterly magazines and it dawned on me weather you like the art or not all of the dolls that grace the pages of that magazine are art. It took creativity, time and skill. There are different degrees of skill, but some pieces just shine for the lack of it. This is something else I have been pondering in my little pea. I am so hard on myself and yet I love all types of artist and all types of skills. I heard something this week that has made me think about this subject. Art has never been about perfection. It is the creative spirit expressing itself. When you really get down deep and think about this, it is freeing. Sorry this post is so long.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Mango Paints

I know I can paint if you will just give me the chance.
I told you I could do it!Are you watching me?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OWOH Winner

The winner for the OWOH is Liv of Liv Luvs Scraps



This is just a quick post to let you know that I will close comments for OWOH at 12:00 tonight. I really enjoyed the event and look forward to it next year! I will plan for it and offer more than one giveaway. I will do a little more searching today, but I was not able to visit every participant. I would find a cool blog and end up staying and reading all their past posts. I think it is probably better just to hit the comment section and then go back when the event is over and read blogs. I am going now and hit as many as I can before this great event is over!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Picture Tag

I have been picture tagged by the very talented Sue of barton originals. I am supposed to go into my picture files and pick the fourth picture in the fourth file. I am then to tag four more bloggie friends. I feel like I got lucky on this one! My fourth file is called " blog ready" This is one of my rose paintings. You will be seeing this piece again because I just printed it on fabric a few days ago with the intentions of using it in a textile collage. The four very talented bloggie friends I tag are: Pinkglitterfae Art
A Walk In The Park
The Window of My Life


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Doodle Journal

I have a journal that is just for doodles. When I started the journal I thought it would be filled with colorful pages. My doodles are just that, a doodle. Each night before hitting the hay, I grab my pencil and begin putting graphite on the clean white pages. I look forward to this quit time of pencil in hand.