Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doll update

Yesterday I managed to get her to this point. Another layer. The color combination is coming from a necklace I made not to long ago. I wanted to share that, but it could not be found. I'll keep looking. I am realizing with each doll that is made that I need to skinny them up a bit because of so much embellishing. Another thing I am realizing at this point that the face is going to need to be changed and that has to be done now before I go any further. I have also been thinking about future dolls. I need them to have more movement. In my head I know what I want them to be, but am having a hard time making it happen. I have purchased a few new products and will be working on that in the weeks to come. I love paper clay, but I am thinking of switching pack to polymer because of dry time. You can put paper clay in a low temp oven for faster drying, but it can look dry on the outside, but still be wet on the inside, so even though they are put in the oven, they usually sit a week before any painting takes place, just to be sure. I've rambled on enough for today. hopefully I will make more progress. I am still working on the studio and it's starting to come together.I work on the doll and then switch gears and work on the studio.


Distressing Delilah October 30, 2008 at 2:02 PM  

Her dress is so beautiful! You are absolutely talented!